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Student Success Committee


Student Success Committee

Goals, Objectives, and Activities


Long-Term Goals:

The Student Success Committee will support and encourage the following activities:

  1. Increase student access to college by reaching into communities and providing support and services that encourage awareness of college opportunities, engagement and enrollment in college.
  2. Facilitate student readiness for successful learning by developing and promoting programs for new students that enhance clarity and provide tools, technology, and information necessary for students to clarify goals and plan for the college experience.
  3. Develop and implement new approaches, and scale and institutionalize successful approaches, for improving students' success in basic skills across the college curriculum.
  4. Develop, implement, and scale student cohorts, learning communities, and activities that facilitate collaboration, engagement, and success.
  5.  Expand and diversify the Center for Academic Success' role as a primary resource for institutional support of student learning and success.
  6. Provide ongoing professional learning opportunities to new and continuing faculty that focus on student-centered learning and the resources and tools needed to facilitate student access, retention, and success.
  7. Expand learning opportunities that promote student engagement and that develop personal and civic responsibility.
  8. Develop programs and services that support diverse groups of students in order to promote student equity.
  9. Support programs and services that lead to successful completion of certificates, degrees, and transfer patterns.

2015-2016 Objectives:

  1. Support and promote activities that will increase the percent of new students who successfully complete their developmental sequence.
  2. Support and promote activities that will increase the percent of new student who successfully complete twenty degree-applicable units in the first year.
  3. Support and promote the development of education pathways that lead to an increase in transfer pattern completion.
  4. Support and promote activities that will increase the number of faculty engaging in professional learning around student success and basic skills.
  5. Support and promote activities that increase awareness of and participation in civic engagement or sense of community.


1.      Support, promote, and oversee Achieving the Dream strategy teams:

  1. Assessment Preparation    
  2. Professional development around equity and diversity
  3. Reading Apprenticeship
  4. Go Days
  5. Gatekeeper FIG
  6. Marketing Completion

2.      Support, promote, and oversee professional learning opportunities around student success:

    1. Facilitate participation in 3CSN Habits of Mind Community of Practice
    2. Plan and implement 2016 Annual Student Success Conference

3.      Support, promote, and oversee the activities outlined in the Equity Plan

4.      Support the development of student mentor/mentee programs

    1. Brahma Internships
    2. Student Mentor/Mentee

5.      Support, promote, and oversee the development of a cohesive first year experience program, including:

    1. Outreach efforts in local high schools
    2. Scaling successful learning communities: ASAP, Summer Bridge, Statway
    3. Extended orientation activities

6.      Continue to support and promote the Student Success Workshops and the Student Success Professional Learning Series.

7.      Support and promote the development and implementation of the Town Hall project.

8.      Support and promote the development and implementation of General Education Pathways project

There are currently no upcoming events.
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