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Student Success Programs and Services

Here is a list of current Student Success Committee activities. Some activities have active links so you can find out more about this support service. If you have questions or would like to learn more about any of the activities below, please contact Crystal Kiekel at
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Workshops for Students
Center for Academic Success Workshop

Students can attend free workshops in the Center for Academic Success to master skills they n​eed to be successful in college, like fixing run-ons, test-taking, speed reading, etc. Go to for more information about the CAS.

Classroom Success SeriesStudents are invited to enroll in a college success workshops that teaches the reading, writing, math, critical thinking, and study skills they need to succeed within the context of specific disciplines. Classroom success courses are available in Philosophy, Psychology, Physics, and Art History.
Students can attend free workshops gain information they need to be successful in college, like applying for a CSU, learning about your majors, etc

Classes for Students
In this compressed math sequence, students take beginning and intermediate algebra in one semester, along with a 3-unit CSU-transferable College Success course and a 1-unit math study skills course.
APTIn this compressed math sequence, STEM students take precalculus and trigonometry in one semester, along with direct learning activities.
Compressed ESLESL students have the opportunity to move through the program at an accelerated pace by taking two levels of English in one semester. Students can take an English 85/86 combination or an English 87/21
combination in back-to-back 8-week classes. Contact for more information.
Math JamStudents enroll in a free, short-term workshop over the summer to review their math and test-taking skills. Students then have the option to take or re-take their math placement exam. for more information.

Math 125 is a grant-funded project to help students succeed in intermediate algebra. This course features directed learning activities, along with a 1-unit math study skills course, and special tutoring.

StatwayNon-STEM students who are placed in Math 115 (beginning algebra) complete their CSU General Education math requirement by successfully completing the two-semester Statway course. Statway students engage in classroom activities that introduce statistical concepts and skills. Students learn the required algebra ideas and skills in the context of learning statistics.
Summer Bridge/ First Year ExperienceIncoming freshman enroll in a program in the summer where they complete an orientation, a 3-unit CSU-transferable college success course, and a developmental English course. Students are then invited to participate in other learning communities and developmental English and math courses during their first year.

Tools for the Students
KurzweilQualified students can read chapters from digitized texts on a computer where they can take notes, listen to embedded commentary and study tips, and hear the text read out loud.
Online Writing Lab (OWL)The Online Writing Lab (OWL) is an area where all enrolled Pierce College students can upload papers for a tutor to examine, ask a question about a paper or a general "grammatical" question, "speak" with a tutor in "real time," or read Frequently Asked Questions about typical grammatical and formatting issues. All OWL tutors are certified by the Center for Academic Success.
Reading PlusThis software program diagnoses student reading level and identifies physiological barriers to reading. It will then create a specialized program to address those physiological barriers, improve reading comprehension and speed, and build vocabulary.
Tutoring ServicesTutoring in English, Chemistry and Math subjects are available at the Center for Academic Success free of charge for the currently enrolled students of Pierce College. Tutoring is done by appointment for English and Chemistry. All appointments are half an hour and walk-ins can only be seen if tutors are available at that time. Math tutoring is done on a walk-in basis only.

Tools for Faculty and Staff
Achieving the DreamAchieving the Dream helps colleges create a culture of evidence, where data and evidence drive broad-based institutional efforts to improve student outcomes. It supports to colleges in collecting and analyzing student data; in designing, implementing, and evaluating intervention strategies; and in broadening knowledge about policies and programs that contribute to student success.
Book Talk
The Pierce Librarian creates a bibliography that is relevant to a particular class, teaches students in that class to to utilize Library databases to find resources, and helps students select a book to read and discuss for an assignment or extra credit.
Reading ApprenticeshipThis professional development training helps faculty learn to teach students how to interact with their textbooks through strategies like talking to the text, taking notes, previewing the chapter, and developing meta-cognitive skills.
Spring ConvocationPierce College welcomes faculty and staff back each spring semester with this professional development opportunity. Pierce faculty can earn 6 FLEX hours by attending this free one day conference where they learn, share, and discuss critical issues in Student Success. for more information.​