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SSC FP 2.0 Template.doc


 Equity Plan

Achieving the Dream:


AtD Planning Year Work Plan 2011

AtD Planning Year Budget 2011

Field Guide for Improving Student Success


Video Introduction


Achieving the Dream Website


Conference and Presentation Materials:


Terri Manning: "Serving Today's College Student in a High Risk Environment" at the Pierce College PAD Day, Woodland Hills, 6/12


Anna Davies: "Student Success Task Force Recommendations at Pierce College" at the Pierce College Student Success Spring Convocation, Woodland Hills, 2/12. Presentation adapted from the "California Community Colleges Student Success Task Force Summary" available at


Terri Manning: "Teaching Today: This Is Not Your Father's Classroom" at the Pierce College Student Success Spring Convocation, Woodland Hills, 2/12.


Elizabeth Atondo, Marco De La Garza, and Crystal Kiekel:  "Innovation in Developmental English and Math at Pierce College" at the Los Angeles Community College District Board of Trustees Planning and Student Success Committee, Valley Glen, CA, 10/10


Bob Martinez and Crystal Kiekel: "Pierce College Math Redesign Project" at the Strengthening Student Success Conference, Costa Mesa, CA, 10/10


Lori Nelson and Maria Perser: "Reading Apprenticeship" Conference Report at the Student Success Committee Meeting, 7/11

Bob Martinez, Crystal Kiekel, Bruce Yoshiwara, and Kathy Yoshiwara: “Innovation in Developmental Math: ASAP and Statway” at the District Academic Senate Summit, at Los Angeles Valley College, 10/11

2009 Student Success Spring Convocation Program

2010 Student Success Spring Convocation Program

2011 Student Success Spring Convocation Program

2011 Student Success Spring Convocation Evaluations.

2012 Student Success SpringConvocation Program

2012 Student Success Spring Convocation Evaluations.

Professional Development Opportunities:


Strengthening Student Success Conference: Annual


Achieving the Dream Strategies Institute: Feb 2012      

2011-2012 Student Success BSI Mission, Goals, and Activities Summary

 * Basic Skills "Poppy Copy" Literature Review website:

Article about Student Success courses like our PD 40.


"'Portrait' of Latino Freshmen" at insidehighered.com


Basic Skills Handbook: Constructing a Framework for Success: a Holistic Approach to Basic Skills: a broad, excellent, compendium of useful information supporting effective teaching across the curriculum


College Success Resources:

     15 College Success Tips from College of the Canyons


Complete College America

Strategies for Getting Good Grades Handout

Athletic Students Success PowerPoint Presentation

Report on Acceleration Efforts

Book Talk Presentation

Syllabus Checklist

Fall 2012 Cohort Class Request