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Pierce College offers several learning communities that are designed to help students complete their English and math pathways. In these structured learning environments, students take linked or clustered classes that are taught by dedicated instructors and are designed to increase student retention, success, persistence, and completion.

There are several learning communities offered each year: There are several learning communities offered each year: Summer Bridge, Algebra Success at Pierce (ASAP), Modeling Algebra Project (MAP), Statway, and Accelerated Pre-calculus and Trigonometry (APT). They each include an orientation, and they each have a coordinator assigned to provide students with additional information and support. Click on a learning community below to find out more or to sign up.


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Summer Bridge




Summer Bridge

Incoming freshman enroll in a program in the summer where they complete an orientation, a 3-unit CSU-transferable college success course, and a developmental English course. Students are then invited to participate in other learning communities and developmental English and math courses during their first year.


In this compressed math sequence, students take beginning and intermediate algebra in one semester, along with a 3-unit CSU-transferable College Success course and a 1-unit math study skills course.


Non-STEM students who are placed in Math 115 (beginning algebra) complete their CSU General Education math requirement by successfully completing the two-semester Statway course. Statway students engage in classroom activities that introduce statistical concepts and skills. Students learn the required algebra ideas and skills in the context of learning statistics.


Math 125 is a grant-funded project to help students succeed in intermediate algebra. This course features directed learning activities, along with a 1-unit math study skills course, and special tutoring.


In this compressed math sequence, STEM students take precalculus and trigonometry in one semester, along with direct learning activities.



In this compressed ESL sequence, students who place into ESL classes can take ESL II, ESL III, and English Speech as a Second Language all in the same semester.