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Pierce College: Basic Skills Initiative

2009-2010 Mission and Goals

by the Pierce College Student Success Committee 




 The Pierce College Student Success Committee is dedicated to identifying and supporting students in need of essential math, reading, writing, ESL, study, and learning skills necessary for retention and success in college level work. Timely, relevant, and effective instructional and support services will be developed and implemented to provide each student with basic competencies applicable to lifelong success.


2010 - 2011 Action and Expenditure Plan: Click Here

2010 - 2011 Report and 2011 - 2012 Action and Expenditure Plan: Click Here

How to Apply for BSI Funding





1.      Through Student Services, increase access to, support for, and retention of basic skills students.

2.      Create a data- driven profile of basic skills needs at Pierce College through an ongoing cycle of examining existing data and generating new inquiry. That profile should be used to inform the campus-wide ongoing college planning cycle.

3.      Support the expansion of the Center for Academic Success as the campus focal point for academic support for students.

4.      Strengthen and support the existing professional development efforts by providing faculty and staff with cohesive, ongoing learning opportunities to enhance students' basic skills leading to their success in all course work.

5.      Increase student success and retention in math, English, and ESL courses by promoting innovative programs as well as teaching and learning strategies based on proven effective methods.

6.      Develop sound instructional practices that increase math, reading, writing, ESL, study and learning skills across the curriculum, including in Career and Technical Education areas.


                                20011-2012 Activities


Create and Maintain Learning Communties                    

Summer Bridge
Accelerated English


           Enhance the Center for Academic Success                   

Reading Plus software           
Tutoring in English, math, and chemistry
Course embedded tutoring
Success workshops
Learning Skills courses
Classroom presentations
Directed Learning Activities
Online Writing Lab

Provide and Foster Professional Development        

Conferences/Training: 3CSN, Reading Apprenticeship,               

Student Success, etc.

Spring Convocation and fall Opening Day

FIG: Reading Apprenticeship



Achieving the Dream

Ongoing evaluations of Student Success programs 
and services




Contextualize Basic Skills Instruction

Classroom Success Workshop Series
Auto/Math and Auto/English

Child Development/English and 
Child Development/Math

Kurzweil – Smtxt



Create and Maintain Student Support Systems

Online advisement system
Computerized assessment system
Student Equity Plan

Emerging Scholars at Pierce