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Academic Senate​ Executive​ Committee


All committee sites have been moved to a new SharePoint Online (SPO) Intranet. Login using your LACCD Employee SSO credentials (same for Outlook, Canvas, and PeopleSoft). Existing committee sites are read-only and will be archived soon. Public access to the committee files will continue to exist.

Employee committee access

Public committee files

Effective February 23, 2021, this site will no longer be maintained or updated. Please direct your questions to the committee chair.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Senate Executive Committee Duties 
The duties of the Executive Committee shall be to:

1. Prepare the agenda for each meeting of the Academic Senate;
2. Meet with the President and Vice Presidents of Pierce College on a regular
3. Oversee all committees of the Academic Senate to ensure their
    compliance in performing their designated functions and in meeting all 
    conditions set forth in these Bylaws;
4. Conduct a biennial review of the Constitution and Bylaws of the Academic
    Senate to ensure compliance with all provisions therein and to suggest
    revisions whenever revisions seem necessary or appropriate;
5. Perform all other duties as may be assigned by the Academic Senate.

(The Academic Senate of Pierce College Bylaws​​, Spring 2020)

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