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​​​​Approved Pierce College Institional Learning Outcomes (ILOs):​

1) ​Communication: The student will demonstrate proficiency in communication skills, including active listening, textual interpretation and comprehension, and oral and written expression.

2) Critical Thinking: The student will demonstrate proficiency in identifying and clarifying issues, problems, questions, and assumptions; analyzing data and relevant information including alternative approaches; differentiating between facts, opinions, and biases; synthesizing and generating solutions and possible outcomes; and using evidence and reasoning to support conclusions.

3) Research and Information Literacy: The student will demonstrate proficiency in modes of inquiry specific to the discipline of study and discernment of relevant and appropriate sources of information.

4) Civic Responsibility and Ethical Reasoning in a Diverse Society: The student will demonstrate proficiency in understanding, and engaging with, contemporary notions of the public good in a democratic and diverse society and the relevant principles, concepts, and arguments that guide ethical decision-making.

5) Quantitative Analysis and Scientific Reasoning: The student will demonstrate proficiency in the interpretation and description of quantitative data and situations and relevant graphs, symbols, or mathematical relationships and concepts to solve problems.

6) Arts and Cultural Awareness: The student will demonstrate proficiency in the identification, recognition, description, and explanation of his or her interaction with, and understanding of, cultural practices and social structures.

7) Occupational and Professional Readiness: The student will demonstrate technical and professional skills that meet industry and/or employment standards.

ILO Assessments as of Spring 2018:

ILO 1 (formerly GELO 1) Report 
ILO 1 Report.pdf (Submitted Spring 2016)

ILO 2 Report: 
ILO 2 Report.pdf (Submitted Fall 2017)

ILO 3 Report

ILO 4 Report ​

ILO 5 Report

ILO 6 Report

ILO 7 Reports