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Faculty Position Prioritization Committee

​SENATE REPRESENTATION:                                            

Anna Bruzzese, Senate President and ex-officio member

Area 1: Constance Kocs, Art (6/30/17) Chair

Area 2: Ann Hennessey, Psychology (6/30/17) Secretary

Area 3: Edouard Tchertchian, Math (6/30/18);

Area 3: Brian Pierson, Anthropology (6/30/17)

Area 4: David Schamus, CSIT (6/30/18)


Adrian Youhanna, V.P. Academic Policy (2016-2018)

Area 1: Jill Connelly, Journalism (6/30/17)

Area 1: Fernando Oleas, Modern Languages (6/30/17)

Area 2: Shilo Nelson, Kinesiology (6/30/18)

Area 3: Dale Fields, Planetary Sciences (6/30/18)

Area 4: Michael Van Dyke, Industrial Technology (6/30/17)



The purpose of the Faculty Position Prioritization Committee (FPPC) is to establish a procedure in which a wide range of factors is considered in the establishment of a prioritized list of faculty positions for hiring. The list shall be based on the needs of the students, the departments/disciplines and the college.


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