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​Even though District regulations do not specifically prohibit the selling of textbook “review copies” and similar books to solicitors, it is recommended that faculty not sell their unwanted textbooks to so-called “book-buyers” or any other individuals outside of the campus community.  Selling books to book-buyers undermines the original intent of publishers to familiarize instructors with the latest books in their field at no cost.  When these books are sold the profits do not revert to the publisher, so future increases in publishing costs can be anticipated.  There is also a danger that book-buyers might obtain copies of so-called “instructor copies” of textbooks which frequently contain answers to exam questions and ancillary exercises which the instructor might otherwise wish to utilize for testing purposes.   Rather than selling textbooks, instructors should consider retaining or returning to the publisher any “instructor” editions of a text.  For all other books, consider keeping them, putting them on reserve in the library, or donating them to students.