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Distance Education Instructional Technology Committee (DEITC)


All committee sites have been moved to a new SharePoint Online (SPO) Intranet. Login using your LACCD Employee SSO credentials (same for Outlook, Canvas, and PeopleSoft). Existing committee sites are read-only and will be archived soon. Public access to the committee files will continue to exist.

Employee committee access

Public committee files

Effective February 23, 2021, this site will no longer be maintained or updated. Please direct your questions to the committee chair.

​​​​​​​​​About the DEITC 
The Distance Education and Instructional Technologies Committee (DEITC)​ is dedicated to helping Pierce faculty deliver engaging learning opportunities by promoting and supporting effective use of technology in the classroom. Under the aegis of the Los Angeles Pierce College Academic Senate, the DEITC is the Distributed and Distance Learning (D/DL) committee as provisioned under Article 40 of the 2014-2017 AFT/LACCD Agreement. In addition to Distance Education (DE), the DEITC promotes the use of technology in all aspects of the delivery of learning (classroom, distance, or otherwise). The DEITC also works together with the campus Technology Committee to create continous improvement in delivering engaging technology-assisted learning opportunities.
Student-Instructor Interaction in Distance Education
Student success in online learning is very dependent upon keeping students engaged in their learning.  Frequent and significant interaction between DE faculty and students is not just a best practice; it is also the a Federal and State mandate. The DEITC promotes compliance by developing guidelines and processes. The DEITC supports compliance by working collaboratively with the Curriculum Committee, PierceOnLine, and the Faculty Accreditation Coordinator in the development of  DE Policies and Forms​.
Distance Education Accessibility Guidelines
The DEITC assists the College by developing guidelines aligned with the California Community Colleges Distance Education Accessibility Guidelines.​
Learning Management System
Canvas is Los Angeles Pierce College's Learning Management System (LMS) for DE course delivery and web-enhanced courses. PierceOnLine​ regularly schedules Canvas training for faculty interested in teaching online or in web-enhancing their classes. 


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