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Anna Bruzzese, Academic Senate President and Committee Co-c​​hair (2017-19)

Lyn Clark, Academic Policy Committee Representative (2018-20)

Joan Schneider, Academic Policy Committee Representative (2017-19)

Benny Ng, Academic Senate Representative (2017-19)​

Vacant, Academic Senate Representative (2018-20)​

Margarita Pillado, Curriculum Committee Chair (2016-18​)

Margarita Pillado, Faculty Accreditation Coordinator (2016-18)

Fernando Oleas, AFT Faculty Guild Representative (2016-18)

Brian Walsh, AFT Faculty Guild Representative (2017-19)

Vacant, AFT Faculty Guild Representative (2018-20)

​Sheri Berger, Vice President of Academic Affairs and Committee Co-c​hair​ (by position)

Kalynda McLean, Vice President of Student Services designee (by position)

​Tom Vessella​, Dean of Career and Technical Education (by position)

Amari Williams, Dean of Institutional Effectiveness (by position; resource member/nonvoting)