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​​​​​​​APPENDIX B-1

Curriculum Technical Review (Tech Review)

General Purpose  

Technical Review is intended to ensure that course outlines of record are properly formatted and clearly communicated. Technical Review does not judge the content and/or educational validity of the proposed curriculum. That decision remains the purview of the Curriculum Committee.


  • Applies education regulations and professional standards recommended by the Academic Senate for the California Community Colleges to the format and structure of course outlines of record (COR) of proposed or updated courses.
  • Recommends structural improvements to proposers of CORs and communicates the readiness of CORs for content review or update approval to the Curriculum Committee

Tech Review focuses on:

  • Course numbering, units/hours, repeatability, lecture/lab structure, formatting, readability and completeness of forms.
  • Clarity and accuracy of course description, and uniformity of course descriptions based on a college standard.
  • Clarity of course objectives and consistency with course title and description; i.e., 3-10 succinct statements of what students will learn in the class.
  • Consistency of course content with course objectives.  Course content is sufficiently generic to serve as a clarifying guide to the course content, not as a mandatory syllabus to be imposed on instructors in contravention to their academic freedom.
  • Validation of enrollment limitations and their consistency with education regulations.
  • Overall completeness of the COR form.
  • Readiness for articulation input to the curriculum committee. 

Membership:  Tech Review is conducted by the Vice President of Academic Affairs (or designee), the Academic Senate Second Vice President /Curriculum chair, the Curriculum Dean, the Articulation Officer, a Library representative, and other Curriculum Committee members as needed for expertise in curriculum structural review.

Procedures and Timelines:

  • Tech Review takes place for new and added courses, and for updates with substantial changes.

Technical Review takes place electronically via the Electronic Curriculum Development (ECD) on a continuous basis during fall and spring semesters, excluding intersessions.  Every effort is made to complete the technical review within 14 calendar days from the date the curriculum proposal reaches Technical Review. After the 15th day in technical review the Chair of the Curriculum Committee may move the COR to the next stop in the curriculum process.

To be placed on the curriculum agenda, all technical review issues must be resolved no less than 7 calendar days prior to a curriculum meeting.  If technical issues remain unresolved with less than 7 calendar days remaining until the next meeting, the request will be delayed until such time that all technical issues are resolved within 7 days prior to the meeting.

No pending COR may remain in the approval queue after the end of the academic year; if issues are not resolved by the end of the academic year, a new COR must be initiated for the next or subsequent academic years.

Revised and approved by the Curriculum Committee November 17, 2017

Ratified by the Academic Senate November 20, 2017