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Senate Executive Committee

President, Anna Bruzzese​ (2017-19)
1st Vice President (of Academic Policy), Adrian Youhanna (2016-18)
2nd Vice President (of Curriculum), Margarita Pillado​ (2016-18)

Secretary, Susan Armenta​ (2017-19)
Treasurer, Angela Belden (2017-19)
Immediate Past President, Anna Bruzzese​ (2017-19)

Senators (2017-18​​)
Academic Affairs, Wendy Bass
Agriculture and Natural Resources​, John Creedon 
Anthropological and Geographical Sciences, ​Erin Hayes (Fall 2017)/Jason Finley (Spring 2018) 
Art and Architecture, Beth Abels (Fall 2017)/Monika Ramirez Wee (Spring 2018)
At Large Full-Time, Bonnie Lemus 

At Large Full-Time, Vacant

At Large Full-Time, Vacant 

At Large Part-Time, Robert Gregg

At Large Part-Time, Mark Levick 

At-Large Part-Time, Michelle Meyer 

Business Administration, Babken Basmadzhyan
Computer Applications and Office Technologies, Jill Binsley 
Center for Academic Success, Eddie Tchertchian​
Chemistry, Sheila Hammon
Child Development and Education, Lila Snow 
Communication Studies, Barbara Anderson
Computer Science and Information Technology​, Luis Celada
Counseling, Alyce Miller 
English and English as a Second Language, Charles Sheldon 

Health and Kinesiology, Jamie Phillips 
History, Philosophy and Sociology, Christopher Lay 
Industrial Technology, Alex Villalta 
Library Science, Lauren Saslow​ 

Life Sciences, Brandon Jones   

Mathematics, Sam Pearsall   
Media Arts, Jeff Favre 
Modern Languages, Rafael Orozco-Ramirez ​ 
Nursing, Connie Tiu 

Performing Arts Department, Wendy Manzon (Fall 2017)/Garineh A​vakian-Akkus (Spring 2018)
Physics and Planetary Sciences, Ryan Eagle ​
Political Science, Economics, Criminal Justice and Chicano Studies, Denise Robb
Psychology, Statistics and Addiction Studies, Angela Belden 
Student Services, Phyllis Schneider 


Committee Chairs and Representatives

Academic Policy, Adrian Youhanna (2016-18)​

College Outcomes, Jennifer Moses (2017-19)

Curriculum, Margarita Pillado (2016-18)

District Academic Senate Representative, Fernando Oleas (2018-19)

District Academic Senate Representative, Margarita Pillado​ (2017-19)

District Academic Senate Representative, Lauren Saslow (2017-​19)

Distance Education and Instructional Technologies, Clay Gediman​ (2017-18)

Educational Planning, Anna Bruzzese (2017-19)

Events and Recognition, Jennifer Moses (2016-18)​

Faculty Position Priority, Ann Hennessey (2017-19)
Professional Development, Maria Perser (2017-18)

Professional Ethics, Cara Gillis (2017-19)
Student Success, ​Crystal Kiekel (20​​16-18)


Faculty Coordinators

Accreditation, Margarita Pillado (2016-18)​

Outcomes, Jennifer Moses (2017-19)

Professional Development, Maria Perser (2016-18)