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Senate Executive Committee

President, Anna Bruzzese​ (2017-19)
1st Vice President (of Academic Policy), Adrian Youhanna (2016-18)
2nd Vice President (of Curriculum), Margarita Pillado​ (2016-18)

Secretary, Susan Armenta​ (2017-19)
Treasurer, Angela Belden (2017-19)
Immediate Past President, Anna Bruzzese​ (2017-19)

Senators (2017-18​​)
Academic Affairs, Wendy Bass
Agriculture and Natural Resources​, John Creedon (Fall 2017)
Anthropological and Geographical Sciences, ​Erin Hayes
Art and Architecture, Beth Abels 
At Large Full-Time, Bonnie Lemus 

At Large Full-Time, Vacant

At Large Full-Time, Vacant 

At Large Part-Time, Robert Gregg

At Large Part-Time, Mark Levick 

At-Large Part-Time, Michelle Meyer 

Business Administration, Babken Basmadzhyan
Computer Applications and Office Technologies, Jill Binsley 
Center for Academic Success, Eddie Tchertchian​
Chemistry, Sheila Hammon
Child Development and Education, Lila Snow 
Communication Studies, Barbara Anderson
Computer Science and Information Technology​, Luis Celada
Counseling, Alyce Miller 
English and English as a Second Language, Charles Sheldon 

Health and Kinesiology, Jamie Phillips 
History, Philosophy and Sociology, Christopher Lay 
Industrial Technology, Alex Villalta 
Library Science, Lauren Saslow​ 

Life Sciences, Brandon Jones   

Mathematics, Sam Pearsall   
Media Arts, Jeff Favre 
Modern Languages, Rafael Orozco-Ramirez ​ 
Nursing, Connie Tiu 

Performing Arts Department, Wendy Manzon 
Physics and Planetary Sciences, Ryan Eagle ​
Political Science, Economics, Criminal Justice and Chicano Studies, Denise Robb
Psychology, Statistics and Addiction Studies, Angela Belden (Fall 2017) 
Student Services, Phyllis Schneider 


Committee Chairs and Representatives

Academic Policy, Adrian Youhanna (2016-18)​

College Outcomes, Jennifer Moses (2017-19)

Curriculum, Margarita Pillado (2016-18)
District Academic Senate Representative, Joe Perret (2017-19)

District Academic Senate Representative, Margarita Pillado​ (2017-19)

District Academic Senate Representative, ​Lauren Saslow (2017-​19)

Distance Education and Instructional Technologies, Clay Gediman​ (2017-18)

Educational Planning, Anna Bruzzese (2017-19)

Events and Recognition, Jennifer Moses (2016-18)​

Faculty Position Priority, Ann Hennessey (2017-19)
Professional Development, Maria Perser (2017-18)

Professional Ethics, Cara Gillis (2017-19)
Student Success, ​Crystal Kiekel (20​​16-18)


Faculty Coordinators

Accreditation, Margarita Pillado (2016-18)​

Outcomes, Jennifer Moses (2017-19)

Professional Development, Maria Perser (2016-18)