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Name  Constituent Group

Term   1st, 2nd, etc. 

Term End DateChair/Cochair
Beth AbelsAcademic Senate3rd 6/15/2018 
Sara HarveyAcademic Policy Committee1st8/15/2019 
Melody CooperWork Environment Committee2nd6/30/2018 
David LeVineTrades1st5/15/2018 
Tom Vessella Teamsters1st11/15/2018 
Donna Mae Villanueva

Designee for

Vice President Academic Affairs

Paul NiemanDirector of College Facilities3rdPERPETUAL

Co-Chair - Expires 6/15/2018

Rolf SchleicherVice President Administrative Services2ndPERPETUALCo-Chair
Genice Sarcedo-Magruder

Designee for

Vice President Stundent Services

VacantDisabled Student Services 
Karin BurnsAFT Union2nd3/15/2018 
Mihrazoon ParyaniasAssociated Students Organization1st2/7/2021 
Joseph "Hank" Murphy1521A Union1st3/6/2020 
Rodolofo CovarrubiasSEIU Local 99 Union 2nd3/17/2019 
Marquis BrignacSEIU Local 721 Union 1st 8/15/2019 
Wiley Brown

Unrepresented Management and

Confidential Employees

 1st 2/20/2020