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Guidelines for Collegiality

As an advocate of a community that respects differences and fosters a positive campus climate, the Pierce Diversity Committee would like to offer guidelines for collegiality:

  1. Develop active, effective listening as a habit, as well as the foundation of effective communication.
  2. Give the other person a chance to speak.
  3. Treat others like you want to be treated-- compassionately, fairly, and supportively.
  4. There is no rank in the room; everyone has an equal voice.
  5. Develop thoughtful and respectful communication.
  6. Focus on the situation, issue, or behavior, not the person.
  7. Unless evidence is compelling, avoid allegations and charges.
  8. Keep the rules clear, fair, and simple. 
  9. Defend free expression and encourage it on campus.
  10. When a conflict arises, consider meeting with the individual in person instead of writing emails, which may lead to misunderstandings.

Respectfully submitted,
Pierce Diversity Committee
September 2013