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​​​​​​​​​​​Established in 2007 by the Office of College Compliance, the Pierce Diversity Committee (PDC) has a diverse membership of administrators, faculty, staff, and student members. PDC seeks to accomplish its mission by recommending, developing, planning, and implementing programs, services, and activities that expose our college community to diverse backgrounds. 



​​Michael Habata, Co-Chair, Librarian

AFT Faculty Rep.

Jose Vargas, Co-Chair, Equity Coordinator 

AFT Staff Rep., appointed in Spring 2017; Co-chair term begins on 9/2017   

Juan Astorga, 
Team Leader: Sanctuary

Teamsters Rep.

Dean of Student Engagement
​​PENDING POSITION: Anafe Robison,
Team Leader: Homeless and Low-Income Task Force

Karen Moran, 
Senate Rep.

Assistant Professor, Nursing

​appointed in Spring 2015 as AFT Faculty Rep; appointed in Fall 2017 as Co-Chair

AFT Staff Rep and co-chair term begins in Fall 2017

appointed in Spring 2016 PDC will amend charter in Fall 2017 and request approval from PCC to add a representative for ​low-income/foster youth/ homeless students appointed in Fall 2016

Brian Pierson, 
AFT Faculty Rep. 
Associate Professor, Anthropology

Abigail Sandico-Watson, ​
Team Leader, International Students
AFT Faculty Rep.

International Student Counselor
Maria Bates, 
Team Leader, Newsletter
AFT Faculty Rep.
Full Professor, English

Michaela Bransen, ASO Rep.


Loralyn Federick, 
AFT Staff Rep.

appointed in Spring 2015; guest since Fall 2014

appointed in Fall 2014

​appointed in October 2012 as AFT voting member; appointed co-chair from spring 2012-fall 2017​appointed on 2/2017; replaced Barbara Lombrano, 
ASO Student Rep.
(who served from Fall 2016-Fall 2017);
appointed in Spring 2015
Shytovia Jerniqan, Local 99 Rep​

Claudio Velasco, UMCE Rep

Lara-Conrady Wong, Team Leader: BRAVE

Student Engagement Rep

Marcela Portillo       Team Leader: First Year-Experience/ Student Success 

Student Success Couseling Rep.

appointed in Spring 2016; absenteee/not attending

appointed in Spring 2016
absentee/not attending
(we are the process of including a voting position for the Student Engagement Rep)​​Student Success Counseling Rep; appointed in Fall 2016
Darren Borg,
Professor of English
Curt Duffy,
Assitant Professor of English
Moriah Van Norman,
Guest/Editing Team
Assistant Professor of English

Judy Bagg         Assistant Professor of English

Mita Desai Counselor, Substitute for Abby Watson

​Guest since Fall 2015​Visitor since Spring 2015​Visitor since Spring 2015Visitor since Fall 2014​​Visitor since Spring 2015
​ ​ ​ 
Lori Travis,
Adjunct Professor of Communications

Sally Kassamarian
Guest/Editing Team
Assitant Professor of Communications

Candy Van,
Supervisor of Bookstore

Shaheen Vaz,
Theatre Arts Professor

Lisa Valdez,
Team Leader, One Book-One Campus Project
Guest since Spring 2017​Guest since Spring 2016Voting Member from 2015-Spring 2017; guest beginning in Fall 2017 (pending approved changes to charter in Fall 2017)​
Guest since Fall 2015