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College Planning Committee

Mission and​​ Objectives

The College Planning Committee (CPC) is responsible for the development and implementation of the college's overall planning efforts, ensuring integrated planning and alignment with the college​'s mission statement and values. The CPC develops the college's professional development plan, updates and publishes all timelines for college planning, reviews all college plans for alignment with the college's strategic plan, and provides regular reports to the PCC on progress and planning developments.

The role of the committee shall be the following:

  1. Regularly review, and monitor completion of goals and objectives outlined in college planning documents.
  2. Oversee Comprehensive Program Review processes.
  3. Update and publish an annual college planning calendar to include annual planning timelines (fourteen-year cycle), and review all plans to ensure integration of college planning documents and planning cycles:
    • Accreditation Cycle
    • Strategic Planning Cycle
    • Educational Master Planning Cycle
    • Student Success Support Planning Cycle
    • Student Equity Planning Cycle
    • Enrollment Management Planning Cycle
    • Technology Master & Strategic Planning Cycle
    • Facilities Master & Strategic Planning Cycle
    • Professional Development Planning Cycle
    • Comprehensive Program Review Cycle
    • Annual Program Planning Cycle
  4. Review all college plans for alignment with the Strategic Master Plan and make recommendations to the PCC for approval of college plans.
  5. Develop, monitor, and evaluate the college's Professional Development Plan.

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