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Updated:  10/01/2018

Budget Committee Members

FY 2018/2019


Faculty Guild Local 1521 (1 selected even-numbered years; 1 selected odd-numbered years)
Fernando Oleas 2018-2020
Brian Walsh 2017-2019

Academic Senate (1 selected even-numbered years; 1 selected odd-numbered years)
Angela Belden 2017-2019
Edouard Tchertchian 2018-2020

Vice President, Administrative Services (ex-officio)
Rolf Schleicher current

Vice President, Academic Affairs
Sheri Berger current

Vice President, Student Services
Earic Peters current

Dean/Teamsters Local 911 (selected even-numbered years)
Kalynda McLean 2018-2020

Unrepresented Management and Confidential Employees (selected odd-numbered years)
Paul Nieman 2017-2019

Staff Guild Local 1521A (selected odd-numbered years)
Suleman Ishaque 2017-2019

SEIU Local 99 (selected even-numbered years)
Shytovia Jernigan 2018-2020

SEIU Local 721 (selected odd-numbered years)
Victoria S. Romero 2017-2019

Building and Trades (selected even-numbered years)
James Theoharris 2018-2020

Student Representative
Open 2018-2019

* Term of office will commence on July 1 of the first year of the term and expire on June 30 of the last year of the term