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Pierce College Council Membership Roster, 2017-2018

March 22, 2018

            Acting College President

                        Sheri Berger (nonvoting)

            Academic Senate

                        Wendy Bass, Distance Education

   Anna Bruzzese, Senate President

                        Lyn Clark, Computer Applications and Office Technologies

                        Eddie Tchertchian, Math

                        Joseph Roberson, Counseling

  Michael Gend, 1st V, Academic Policy


                        Tom Vessella, Acting Vice President of Academic Affairs

                        Earic Dixon-Peters, Vice President of Student Services

                        Bruce Rosky, Associate Vice President of Administrative Services

                        Rolf Schleicher, Vice President of Administrative Services

            AFT College Guild

                        Beth Benne, College Nurse

                        Yeprem Davoodian, Communication

                        Alma Cortes, Child Development & Education

                        Fernando Oleas, Chapter President

                        Brian Gendron, Psychology (Vice-Chair)

                        Brian Walsh, History  (Chair)

            AFT Staff Guild

                        Miguel Montanez, Chapter President

            Associated Student Organization

                        Efren Lopez, ASO President

                       Ishra Pasricha, ASO Vice-president

            Local 99

                        Rodolfo Covarrubias, Maintenance and Operations

            SEIU 721

                        Deborah Hefter, Maintenance and Operations

            Teamsters 911

                        William Marmalejo, Academic Affairs

            Trade Unit

                        Mike McMillin, Maintenance and Operations

            Unrepresented Managers and Confidential Employees

                        Shannon Krajewski, College Professional Development

            Work Environment Committee

                        Paul Nieman, Maintenance and Operations