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All committee sites have been moved to a new SharePoint Online (SPO) Intranet. Login using your LACCD Employee SSO credentials (same for Outlook, Canvas, and PeopleSoft). Existing committee sites are read-only and will be archived soon. Public access to the committee files will continue to exist.

Employee committee access

Public committee files

Effective February 23, 2021, this site will no longer be maintained or updated. Please direct your questions to the committee chair.

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Shared governance has at its core the ideals of inquiry, discourse, equity, authenticity, and service.  Shared governance is not something that is achieved but a quality that a community college strives f​​or daily.  This demands that the members of the Pierce College Council (PCC) are responsible and informed regarding the college's budget and planning, able to discuss issues with members of the committee with unbiased openness and honesty, and able to articulate this information to their constituents and return to the PCC a clear, accurate, and relevant position.

Statement of Purpose​​

Collegial governance is defined as the collaborative participation of representative members of the college in planning for the future and in developing policies, procedures, and recommendations under which the college is governed and administered.

The Pierce College Council (PCC) is composed of representatives of all college constituencies with the intention that faculty, staff and students have the right to participate effectively in decision-making and have a clearly defined role in college governance.  It is in this spirit of collegial governance that the PCC has been formed to serve as the body, which makes planning, budget and policy recommendations to the college president.  As such, PCC is the forum through which all members of the college can:

  1. find the time to discuss pertinent college issues,

  2. provide critical input that develops consensus on college issues,

  3. encourage productive discourse leading to improved campus communication and understanding, and

  4. participate in committees that meet and influence the college's planning and budget agendas.

All constituent groups of the PCC share the responsibility of acting jointly in recommending policies and procedures that will guide the college toward its goals, ensuring that the college can effectively fulfill its mission.



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